One hundred percent of the profits from The U.S. 10K Classic and the Family Festival benefit children’s charitable organizations. These organizations are chosen as partners in an effort to make a difference in the lives of children in Georgia and from around the world. After all the running, skating, cycling, celebrating, entertainment and good times, the real bottom line is that this event was created first and foremost as an annual and growing fundraiser for children in need.

This event was developed as a trust fund and legacy for children that it might continue to grow and expand, becoming an ever-increasing source of revenue for the charitable organizations that work to make life better for all children.

The World Children’s Center mission is to build programs that foster education, provide housing and shelter, and ensure the safety of underserved children. The World Children’s Center believes that every child should have the opportunity to grow in a safe, stable environment, have equal access to education and quality health care, and experience meaningful and productive work throughout his or her life.

Initially, the World Children’s Center Academy will serve children from Georgia, the southeast, the United States and ultimately from other nations helping to ensure the ethnic diversity reflective of those children who most need the benefits of our School and Home.

When completely built, the World Children’s Center Academy will educate, provide housing and enrichment/character-building programs, as well food and clothing to an estimated 800 children. To ensure best practices, the Academy is being modeled after successful educational programs, with the Milton Hershey School serving as our greatest advisor. For over 100 years, the Milton Hershey School located in Hershey, Pennsylvania has provided support to an estimated 16,000 students, provided services to thousands of young men and woman to achieve post-secondary education, and trained thousands more in gaining meaningful employment.